Landowner Benefits:

  • Yearly reports on all data to our landowners – you deserve to know what is happening on your farm

    • Soil sampling data
    • Applications of fertilizer and chemicals
    • Field operations
    • Harvest and yield data regardless of kind of lease.
  • Yearly Landowner Appreciation Day and State of Agriculture Update

  • Irrigation is our specialty

    • We have been dealing with irrigation and its evolution for three generations. Our expertise  in working with all brands of pivots and gravity irrigation will benefit you and your farm
  • Assistance with USDA programs  (CREP, EQUIP, CRP, Etc.)

  • Managerial Accounting to give you piece of mind

  • Help with land development

    • We do a lot of work with our own scraper and have done multiple irrigation development projects throughout our career
  • We focus on specialty markets to increase profitability

    • This keeps us competitive and allows us to commit to rents you deserve on your asset.
  • We have experience in all types of rents whether Cash, Shares, Flex, Bushel or a combination.

  • We are a family owned farm that function like a much larger business with SOP’s, inventory controls, financial system controls, one, three and five year forecasting, extensive use of professional advisors, and a strong focus on management


Whether a partnership, or joint venture we are always looking for opportunities

  • Farmers wanting to slow down but not exit completely

  • Beginning farmers who need access to equipment and capital

  • Off farm landowners

    • Have the piece of mind from working with a farm that gives you everything a management company would without the cost to you.
    • We specialize in the care of Your Land.  Your Farm and Family are too important for anything else.

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