Our History

Weeks Family Farms is a five-generation family farm originated by Ephraim and Hannah Weeks in the late 1800’s. Ephraim had immigrated to the U.S. at the young age of 11 with his family from Staffordshire, England. After stops in Ohio as a coal miner and Iowa as a farmer, the family moved to Juniata, Nebraska, and homesteaded just northwest of town. In 1892, Ephraim purchased the current Weeks homestead at the east edge of Juniata which still serves as the base of operations.

Jack Weeks operated the farm from the 1920’s to the 1960’s with his son Gaylon at his side. Gaylon came back to the farm after serving in the South Pacific during WW II and being stationed in New Orleans where he met his wife Yvonne Brown. Gaylon operated the farm until his untimely death in 1970 when son, Mike, took over the operation jointly with his mother Yvonne and sister Gayle. Mike and his wife Christal operated the farm until 2011, and his son Ryan worked alongside them from 1996-2011, farming approximately 700 acres.

Ryan started farming as a sole proprietor around 1991 with 25 acres rented from his grandmother. He and his wife Kristi incorporated the farm in 2004. Weeks Enterprises grew to over 1200 acres (outside of Mike’s) by 2011 when Mike retired from the farm. Weeks Family Farms was registered as a trade name in 2014.

Weeks Family Farms currently operates on approximately 4,000 acres, of which 3,000 are row crops and 1,000 are alfalfa or hay.  Of this acreage, in 2023, 80% is in Certified USDA Organic.  The farm, from the very beginning, has embodied community
service, local involvement and a willingness to serve with a passion for agriculture, its future and the local community.

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