As many of you already know, we are in the process of transitioning some of our acreage to #Organic production.   We spend lots of time researching, documenting processes, cleaning equipment and making sure we are in compliance with the standards set out for organic.  It is a long process filling out our Organic Transition Plan, documenting our activities and maing sure we stay in compliance.   We must make sure our products are OMRI listed, make sure we thoroughly clean equipment between fields and ensure that none of our seeds contain GMO, or seed treatments that are not OMRI approved.

We are transitioning our best fields with the least slope, least chance for erosion, and those located near organic nutrients to organic.   2018 will be our first certified year.   I personally can see the barrier to entry.  The transition period is a tough time of decreased production and selling that product into the conventional non gmo market which right now provides little to no premium.

What is your experience in the transition period?   Are you considering transitioning some acreage to Organic?  If so, what is your Why”