Weeks Ag LLCToday we are in training for Producers Hybrids as we kick off our 2018 sales season.   We have been with this company for over 20 years and have a strong belief in their products, service and support.   In June of 2018 Producers Hybrids will roll into a new LG Hybrids which for us is very exciting.   We look forward to expanded offerings, digital platforms for sales and support of our customers, Advantage Acre (www.advantageacre.com) which is a platform our customers can use for scouting, variable rate prescription writing with 11 month weather forecast trends and the ability to write nitrogen prescriptions and monitor seasonal progress.  We will soon have a page on the website here that will outline Weeks Ag LLC and our product offerings.   Producers Hybrids is our Lead brand and our focus.  We also offer non-GMO products through Emerge Genetics and :Liberty soybeans through Stine Seed.   DigiFarm is an RTK correction provider across all brands that we offer at a very reasonable cost to our customers also.